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Sunday, May 26, 2024

At our online store – SufiNetShop – we have beautiful and genuine loose gemstones, custom-made gemstone jewellery, jewellery with spiritual inscriptions and alternative healing products.

What makes us different and why you should buy from us:

Loose Gemstones


  • Loose gemstones are’s main product.
  • We buy quality gemstones from all over the world.
  • According to ancient wisdom of the East the stones must be smoked with their corresponding incenses, prior to wearing the gem-jewellery. This removes any negative energy that may hinder the release of gem-stone’s stored positive energies. We have not seen any online or off-line gemstone seller who even mentions this. This may be due to a lack of knowledge on their part or due to the fact that the required incenses are rare herbs or tree barks that are only available from specialist suppliers in Asia. We stock these incense packs for each type of stone and offer to the customer along with the stone.
  • To enhance the benefits of the stone you need to give certain items in charity (Sadaqaat) either before or after you put it on. It is only at the that the customer is told what Charity is required for their choice of stone.


 Click this link to view the gemstones we have: Gemstones

Gemstone Jewellery


  • The jewellery takes the form of rings and pendants, with gemstones and spiritual inscriptions. All of the jewellery is made out of silver.
  • Highly Skilled Craftsmen - we use highly skilled gemstone jewellery craftsmen, mainly based abroad to make custom-made jewellery as per our specifications. These craftsmen belong to family businesses that have been in this trade for centuries.
  • Custom-made Gem-Jewellery – our gem jewellery is made individually for each customer according to their finger size. Almost all competitors sell average male and females ring sizes or have ‘not so good looking’ adjustable rings.
  • Jewellery made to benefit – jewellery made in accordance with the spiritual principles i.e. the stone should be minimum 4 carat in weight, must not have any cracks or damage of any sort, and should be set such that it can route its healing energy to the body through the skin. Most of the gem-jewellery being sold online whether rings or pendants do not meet these vital criteria.


 Click on the following links to see what gemstone jewellery we can get custom-made for you:

Gemstone Pendants Gemstone Rings Miscellaneous Jewellery

Alternative Healing Products


  • also sells a variety of healing products such as incenses, coloured cellophane paper used in Colour therapy, Bio Energy cards, Acupressure aids and healing massage oils and pastes. Most of these are imported from abroad.
  • Some of our healing products are not readily available elsewhere.


Click on the following link to see what is available:

Spiritual Healing Aids Colour Therapy Materials

Miscellaneous Health Items      



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